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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. lethal force. >> and after a lengthy confrontation, both deputies fired shots, causing the man's death. >> a fatal encounter between police and man who appears to have his hands up. >> the shooting races questions about training and the use of force. >> not backing down. >> you are going to have a long day. >> a kentucky clerk is defying the highest court in the land by
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denying marriage licences to same-sex couples. endangered village. >> it's melting like butter on a worm day. >> a community in alaska on the front line of climate change, at risk of buying swallowed up by the sea. and rocky ride - canada slides into recession, and talks take a tumble good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. a prosecutor in texas said officials have a second video of a controversial police shooting last week, showing the moment police officers killed a man that apparently had his hands up. the first video of the shooting has been made public. two deputies were responding to a domestic police call. the suspect can be seen with one hand up in the air before the shots are fired. the 41-year-old drops to the ground. robert ray has more on the
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investigation, and a warning, the video you are about to see is graphic. >> chilling frames of video, a deadly encounter with police and san antonio texas. >> two deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call on friday. authorities found an injured woman and child, and this man running through the yard. according to the sheriff's department. flores was armed. they didn't say what weapon he was carrying. >> two deputies attempted to arrest the individual. he resisted. they tried to use nonlethal weapons to detain him. after a lengthy conversation, both deputies fired shots causing the man's death. >> michael thomas was in a car, 100 yards away with his cell
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phone. >> it's been going on in the world. >> reporter: local television station obtained the video from thomas, and posted it online. including the moment flores appears to put his hands up, though the left side is mostly obscured. he stumps to the ground. >> what is in the video is a cause for concern. it's important to let the investigation go through its course. >> following the release of the tape, sheriff called for calm and patience. >> both deputies involved in the shooting have been with the sheriff's office for more than 10 years, and they both have been placed on deprif leave, which is -- administrative leave which is standard procedure the district attorney calls the images trucking. >> there's another -- troubling. >> there's another video with a
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better angle and view that is clear. >> so far it has not been released, and the office will not rush to judgment in south carolina, a white former police chief has accepted a plea bargain, avoiding murder charges for killing an unarmed black man. a judge sentenced 38-year-old richard coombs to house arrest. he shot and killed walter balely during a traffic ticket. the plea bargain comes after two mistrials. in illinois, three men are at large wanted in the killing of a suburban police officer. the lieutenant was chasing the men alone on foot this morning, losing radio contact and was found shot, with his weapon missing. he leaves behind a wife and four sons. >> today not only did we lose a family member. i lost a dear friend.
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lieutenant. a 30 year veteran, a decorated police officer, a family man and friend. the response by law enforcement from local state and federal agencies has been remarkable. >> the fbi, u.s. marshalls and law enforcement across the region are assisting in the manhunt. >> a county clerk in rural kentucky is denying the supreme court. kim davis today denied marriage licences to gay couples. davis says she's standing up for her religious beliefs. as jonathan martin reports, the people trying to get married say she is violating their civil rights. >> i would ask you all to go ahead... >> why are you not issuing marriage licences. >> because i'm not. >> under whose authority. >> under god sids thirtry. >> remaining defiant after a
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judge's order, rowan county clerk turned away couples, seeking a marriage licence. >> we are not leaving. >> we'll have a long day. >> for david and his partner, this was the fourth attempt. >> time to get her out of the office. whether a person is christian, whether they are of any other belief, if they can't see the lawlessness of what these doing, they are flagrantly ignoring the truth. >> the clerk said same sex marriage violates her conscience and religious beliefs. >> you believe what you believe. >> she stopped issuing all marriage licences in the country days after the court legalized in june. she followed the suite. a district court ruled against her. the case in kentucky highlights the issues left unresolved in the wake of the ruling,
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legalizing gay marriage. rowan county is in the spotlight. officials stopped issuing marriage licences. other clerks in kentucky and texas had taken similar positions. [ chanting ] >> reporter: outside the courthouse on tuesday, a face off between same-sex marriage advocates. and kim davis's supporters. >> i deal with god all the way. so far there's no official steps taken. the judge on thursday could determine whether these held in contempt as court. as an elected official, gaves can't be fired but could face fines and gaol time. >> i'm willing to face my consequences when it's time for judgment. plane and simple.
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>> and it appears the only way for kim to be removed from office is if the state legislature in kentucky gets involved. at this point that appears unlikely as the state legislature is not set to meet here for another few months. >> president obama is focussing on climate change during a 3-day trip to alaska. today he had a look at his impact. he visited the exit glacier. the national parks said it's been receding quickly in previous years. the president says it's a perfect example of the effects of climate change. >> what it indicates because of the changing patterns of winters, less snow, longer, hotter summers, is how rapidly the glacier is receding, sending a message about the urgency we'll have when it comes to dealing with this.
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the white house announced the president wants to build and buy more ice breakers for the coast guard to use in the arctic ocean to maintain a presence in the region, russia has 41, the u.s. two. the president selected alaska for his focus. many communities are struggling with the effects. in the coastal village, residence are keeping an eye on the sea. scientists predict the land will disappear in the next decade. libby casey joins us from anchorage. you visited the area. how are people reacting to the changes. >> it is one of a handful of coastal villages experiencing change not just as a future idea, but a reality, eventually they'll have to leave. that's not easy for a community not connected by roads to the outside world. they can only get there by flying in, taking a boat. in the winter you can dog mush
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or snow machine, but moving is not just a change of address, it's a cultural shift as well. >> reporter: larry relies on the see and land for his food and way of life. that is getting harder. >> i used to represent the current and weather. my grandfather showed me. now, today it's unpredictable because of the ice change, it's not as thick and is not safe. it's scary. that change on the sea made it impossible for the men of the village to spend spin hunting season out on the ice. a tradition they kept alive for thousands of years. alaska may be the last frontier, but the front line is the area of climate change.
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>> it's just melting like butter on a warm day. >> professor tom ravens measures the coastline and says the land is eroding as sea water warms and dissolves the partially frozen earth, called perma profit. >> historically, in the fall, there would be a lot of sea ice present. along the coast. and when these storms came in they would buffer the land, so that it wouldn't be so bad. now the ice forms much, much later. >> not only is it harder for hunters, but the village is in danger. 4700 people live here, more than a third schoolchildren. some 85 houses are in danger of falling into the sea. the army corp believes that it has a decade until it's uninhabitable. to move to the mainland is $100 million or more. the community is undecided.
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larry can't imagine moving, even if a few miles from the sea. >> i'll help them move. i'm not going to leave. i want to die here. >> reporter: this is home. >> it's my home. >> the people may have no choice as some of the first victims of climate change. >> there's another village, further along in its moving plan. many hope they can learn from their experience. experts warn that this is not a problem confined to alaska. they say we should expect to see more climate migrants around the world, including in the u.s. if climate change continues, in places like louisiana, florida, and eastern sea board cities like new york. >> libby casey, thanks. >> the white house is a center away from keeping the iran nuclear deal alive. two democrats, pennsylvania
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senator and chris coombes agreed to back the president something not often seen in europe recently. [ cheering and applause ] a bus load of refugees greeted with a warm welcome in belgium. but it was a different scene in hungary's largest train station. also - new numbers show america's largest trading partner is now in a recession. why canada's economy is in dire straits.
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>> in the wake of the baltimore riots. everyday citizens are fighting to take their neighborhoods back.
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>> it's a movement to make a difference. >> educating. >> i feel safer in here. >> the library means something to the people here. >> healing. >> we really have to talk about how can we save lives. >> restoring. >> we given' a family a chance because some of the houses are bein' rebuilt. >> can they rescue their city? [ clapping ] dozens of asylum seekers were welcomed in a down 60 miles west of the brussels belgium. the red cross chapter opened a center for refugees in a military barracks. local residents greeted them with welcome signs and applause. aid workers handed out food and toys. the scene was different in hungary, police sealed off the main railway stakeses, stopping hundreds of immigrants boarding
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trains. refugees camped out there. >> hungary's officials are preparing for a meeting. >> reporter: germany may have been a destination they could reach monday, not any more. refugees feared this would happen, and it did. >> tell us it's a solution, everyone can be in our situation, make a solution. pined foo find a solution. >> just a dramatic contrast. police are stopping them getting access to the station. these people waiting, so many who have bought tickets barred from entry into the station.
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the demonstration is vocal. perhaps the is in. it's conveyed by the site of exhausted families who bout the tickets to be turned away. they settled in the shade. wherever they could find it, refusing to move. once against, the issue of free movement in europe. and the biggest crisis since the world war ii is playing out in front of people in the capital city. >> it's a shame. normal hungarian people don't want it. we would like to have them. i came to see maybe i could mep. >> it's a failure to human rights in europe. this is what i have to say. massive human rights situation. people sleeping on the streets for days and days. hardly any water or food. at the border down we met this
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13-year-old syrian boy. he escaped dara with his sister. four days later we spot him in the crowd, he's frustrated. >> the police don't like the syrians, serbia, and macedonia. in greece. >> reporter: what is your message then? >> my message. please help the syrians. they need help now. we don't want to go to europe. just that. >> reporter: a young voice carrying a simple message, but words that carry little weight here legion air's disease killed three people in quincy illinois. part of an outbreak killing several at a home for veterans. 39 other people are infected.
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the disease is contracted by inhaling bacteria. stock markets arrangement the world plunged, closing down fears about the slowing economy caused the sell off. it fell to a low. the canadian economy is in a recession. the country's g.d.p. has been shrinking. daniel lack looks apt the fortunes of the biggest trading partner, why they have headed south. >> canada's oil dependent economy is in trouble. once there was talk of being a superpower, thanks to rich bitumen deposits. oil prices..well advised to pay
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as much attention to world markets as to opinion polls at home the vatican is preparing for a holy year of mercy, a surprise announcement from the pope on abortion as he gets ready for a first visit to the u.s.
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one of hillary clinton's senior staffers have choice words to describe house speaker john boehner - what yesterday's email dump revealed.
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the batch of hillary clinton's emails released showed she conducted state department business and political strategizing. in change for the former prime minister, they continued to communicate via email even though blair mentioned they should do it over a secure line. they were classified, not released. in the latest batch of messages, several were sent ex-coriating house copier, calling him an alcoholic. >> donald trump appears to look to make amends with hispanic voters. he denounced a stand as bias. trump sat with the head of the
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u.s. hispanic chamber of the comers representing more than 3 million business owners. the group's c.e.o. told al jazeera trump seemed eager to clear the air. >> the real issue here is now that he's accepted the opportunity to come and talk to our constituency, is what he'll have to say in front of the camera. i'm hoping he'll say and be the donald trump that he was in private. in public. >> trump will join his group for an open question and answer session on october 8th a surprise announcement from pope francis on abortion and forgiveness, part of a holy year of mercy. al jazeera's john terrett joins us with more. >> good evening. here at home in the u.s., and in countries like great britain, priests have long been able to forgive those. today's move extends the ability
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for a year to priests in countries like italy and elsewhere, where only bishops can handle such things. >> another unexpected move by pope francis, this time concerning abortion. the pope says he'll give catholic priests the power to forgive women. >> if a woman comes to confession, the priest must have her wait while he contacts the bishop to make sure that it's possible to grant ab solution. >> the women will be able to seek ab solution during the holy year or jubilee, a year of mercy. in a letter published tuesday. the pope describes: in roman catholic church
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teaching abortion is a grave skin. women that have the procedure or doctors that performed it are subject to automatic excommunication. >> is this a sign of how seriously he takes the power of god to forgive and the power of god to heal people who come in, seeking mercy. >> the announcement coming weeks before the pope arrived in the u.s., divided on the subject of abortion, a poll conducted suggests that 51% of american catholics believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. 45% say it should be illegal in all or most cases. francis, born in argentina is the first non-european pope. so far his papacy showed tolerance. earlier he said divorced catholics that remarry deserve
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better from the church. on gay marriage he said who am i a judge. watchers point out the pope showed no intention of detracting the opposition to abortion. but is following a pattern of taking a less forceful tone on the issue. >> i think we are 21st century. >> we'll get a chance to see pope francis soon. he'll be in washington, new york, philadelphia at the end of the month. saying masses and addressing the united nations. amazing to thing this will be the first trip to the united states. >> he never came before being pope. >> never. >> and the pontiff will take a ride through the central park during the tour of the u.s. france will have a special procession through the park, and the city is expected to hand out tens of thousands of tickets catching a glimpse of the holy father there. he'll go on to deliver mass at
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madison square gardens. i'm antonio mora, for the latest news head over to ray suarez is up next with "inside story", have a great night. night. [ ♪ ] in the race for the white house in 2016, a fast-talking first-time candidate has been getting the lions share of the attention pt the other party that held the oval office for the last 25 years has an ongoing race. a long-time front runner feeling the heat, and a prominent politician is weighing whether to jump into the race. tonight a look at the democratic field. it's "inside story".


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